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Immunisation is a simple, safe and effective way to protect you, your family and others in the community from serious diseases.

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Glass Street Medical - Immunisation

Glass Street Medical Clinic Essendon – ImmunisationOur GP medical clinic offers comprehensive immunisation services, safeguarding you and your family against preventable diseases.

At our GP medical clinic, we prioritize preventive healthcare through robust immunisation services.

From routine vaccinations to specialized immunisations, our experienced healthcare professionals ensure that you and your family are protected against a range of preventable diseases. We follow evidence-based vaccination schedules, providing personalized recommendations to meet your specific health needs.

Our commitment to community well-being extends to creating a safe and comfortable environment for immunizations. Stay proactive in safeguarding your health with our accessible and expert immunization services at the heart of our GP medical clinic.

Call our reception on 03 9379 2242 for any questions and pricing. No referral is required.

Protect your health and community.

Schedule your immunizstion at our GP clinic for a safer, healthier tomorrow.

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Glass Street Medical Clinic – Immunisation Services.

There are many good reasons to get yourself Immunised. At Glass Street Medical Clinic, we offer a wide range of Immunisation, below are a few types on offer:

  • Childhood Immunisation (From newborn to teenager)
  • 50 years old and onwards
  • Whooping cough (No longer provided by the government)
  • Travel Vaccines
  • Work-related vaccines
  • Flu Vaccination

For further information, please check out the Immunisation schedule Victoria

We are part of the government COVID-19 vaccination phase 1B rollout from the 6th of April 2021. Please check your vaccine eligibility checker.

Call our reception on 03 9379 2242 for any questions and pricing.