Women’s Health

  • Glass Street Medical Clinic Essendon

Dr Caitlin Tran takes care of all women’s health.  She can perform pap smear test and advise on contraception.  She could also perform implanon removal and insertion.

How to Find GP Essendon?

GP or general practitioner can be easily approached in Essendon. There are hundreds of hospitals available where you can easily find doctor as per requirement. A simple Google search will give you complete details of GP in and around Essendon. At Glass Street, you will find doctors from different expertise.

Are you looking for a clinic that offers health services for women? Glass Street Clinic has numerous doctors who have years of experience in treating various women problems.

6 Common Health Issues Among Women of Melbourne

We get numerous health cases daily both from men and women. There are some health problems that often come in women while some affect them differently. We have listed 8 common issues found in Australian Women:

  1. Heart problems: this the reason behind 16% death cases of women. Among heart problem cases reported in 2019, 54% were from women.
  2. Breast Cancer: this type of cancer spreads rapidly to other organs too. If you have lumps in breast then you must go for check up.
  3. Ovarian and Cervical Cancer: origin place of cervical cancer is lower uterus while ovarian cancer starts from fallopian tube. Discharge of fluid and pain are most common symptoms.
  4. Gynecological health issues: excess bleeding, improper menstruation cycle and frequent urine discharge are the main symptoms of Gynecological health problems.
  5. Immunity problems: some common problems are mild fever, vertigo, diabetes, vitiligo, skin irritation etc. These are common problems that come because off immunity issues. Glass Street clinic has separate section that deals only with immunity boosting.
  6. Depression: this problem prevails because of hormonal imbalance. Many stages come in life where women often face such issues like before and during menstruation cycle, before and during birth of baby etc.

We listed just 6 but there are numerous cases that women often face. At Glass Street Clinic, Melbourne, we ensure that you get served by best medical doctors and treatment.